3 Little Known Facts about Semen

by | September 25th, 2014

The Facts About Semen and Sperm

11255204_s● The odds of a natural conception in many couples can be increased by improving the total motile sperm count to 80 million.

● A man can be evaluated for semen related abnormalities with some simple tests and an office exam.

● Poor sperm counts may be a sign of hormonal abnormalities that can result in negative long term consequences for men.

Urology Austin is dedicated to making you knowledgeable and informed about improving semen parameters so that you are more likely to conceive with your partner.

Semen is usually tested on several levels.

  • volume of ejaculate
  • concentration of sperm (usually million per cc)
  • normal motility of sperm (how well they move, usually a percentage)
  • normal morphology of sperm (percentage of sperm with a normal shape)
  • for the presence of WBCs (white blood cells, also known as inflammatory cells)

If there is a semen analysis abnormality and you are interesting in having a child, then an evaluation with one of our urologists is recommended.

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