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Dr. Grady Bruce

Angie's List
Bridget M., March 2009

I highly recommend Dr. Bruce. He has been very helpful to me over many years. He is thorough and discussed all of my options, I felt he was honest and open. He is very busy and runs behind at times but I have always felt I got personal attention. He is very interested in research and stays up to date on new treatment options.

November 15, 2010

"My recent visit to these offices were very positive. The staff is very caring. I understand the previous review about the front desk as so many insurance companies require a 'referral'. Without a referral, the process must be very different. I just used my doctor's name even though she did not refer me to their office. I found the office to be very nice and the waits short. I especially like the ability to fill out the new patient forms prior to the visit. The first doctor I choose to visit was so nice and informative. He said another doctor in the practice was the expert for my issue. I felt very comfortable with his recommendation. Dr. Bruce is the specialist for female issues. His bedside manner is so gentle and calming. He tells what he needs to do before doing it. He is patient. I have only had the preliminary work and not my surgery yet. I am confident he will do a great job. Get to see the doctors and medical personnel in this office and you will leave with confidence that this is a great urology office."



  Michelle G. Pflugerville, TX  2/16/2012

After many years of suffering at the hand of doctors in another state, Dr. Bruce took on our daughter's case. She's still in treatment, however I had to give a shout out. Dr. Bruce read her scans done through the ER at Seton Williamson. His compassionate heart and extensive knowledge was just what my daughter needed. After a procedure today, one tomorrow and another in a little more than a week, she is much better than she was for sure.

I have never met a more truly compassionate Dr. Dr. Bruce, you have a heart as big as Texas and I for one am very grateful!

So if you are looking for a fabulous Urologist, please go see Dr. Bruce. He is a miracle sent by God!

  Jo M. Austin, TX 6/7/2012

Dr. Bruce and his staff were so kind. I was really nervous about my visit and everyone was just so nice! Dr. Bruce took the time to explain what was going on and I am so glad I came here.


Dr. David C. Cuellar


I was so impressed with Dr. David Cuellar - I was referred to him when I went to the ER just before New Year's & was diagnosed with an 18mm kidney stone - high up enough that they didn't need to admit me, but still an urgent case to deal with as soon as the holiday had past. He was kind, informative, fit me in last-minute for this emergency procedure this morning (and for a consultation appt. on his lunch hour yesterday), thinks I have an 80-90% chance of preventing future kidney stones & all of his nurses/staff love him.

A huge difference from my previous urologist, Dr. Subhir Chhikara, who looked annoyed at having to spend 2 minutes total out of 4 appointments with me, passing me off to his PAs & LVNs, none of whom who offered up info that I didn't ask for, gave me no real info/hope for preventative measures & yet gave me brochures for every expensive "elective" treatment option they offer. Oh, and I got the definitive impression that he prefers to hire young, very attractive females.

Thanks to all the healthcare professionals out there who care enough to get it right.

Kathleen T.


Aug 27, 2009

"Great doctor. He truly cares. Very good at what he does. He performed DaVici surgery to remove my cancerous prostate. The scary thing about prostatectomies is that you might not have urinary control and ability to function sexually. Dr. Cuellar's expertise got the job done with none of the scary side effects. He has taken much interest in follow up after surgery for two years. He is the best!"


May 20, 2009

“Excellent doctor. I had prostatectomy over a year ago, using da Vinci robot. Both doctor and Hospital provided excellent care from start to finish. Excellent results, quick healing, and good follow up. I would highly recommend to anyone needing this treatment for prostate cancer”



Dr. Herb Singh


"Dr. Singh performed a vasectomy reversal on me approximately 5 years ago when I was 54 years of age. At that time my vasectomy had been done approximately 8 years earlier. The surgery was a success as my wife and I now have a son that is four and a daughter that is 3. We highly recommend Dr. Singh as the results speak for themselves." - Greg



Dr. David W. Freidberg

Nov 4, 2010

"Dr. Freidberg performed my vasectomy. The procedure went flawlessly. He was very professional. Post surgery, I didn't stay off my feet like I should have, and I developed a slight infection. I had no problem reaching his staff at any of his locations. They quickly responded with a professional consult, scheduled a follow up, provided an after-hours number if any further complications developed, and phoned in the antibiotic prescription I needed while I was out of town. I would highly recommend this doctor."


“They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future.”  – Wellness.com September 2012
“Great staff and Dr. Friedberg is a great doctor. Very helpful in treating me.”   - Wellness.com August 2012

“Dr. Freidberg and his staff are professional and polite at all times. I knew right away that he is an expert in his field and that he would provide me the best urological care for my Multiple Sclerosis related problems. His offices are clean and his staff has a good sense of humor while providing excellent professional nursing care to the patient. I am extremely happy that I changed from my other Dr.'s office. This Dr. and his staff remember and treat me like a real person, not a patient account number.”  – Wellness.com October 2011

“I've been an occasional patient of Dr. Friedberg, and I've always found him to be knowledgeable, thorough and willing to discuss my concerns. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a Urologist.”  – Ratemds.com August 2010



Dr. Jeffrey N. Kocurek

January 1, 2011Rate MDs




July 7, 2009 Rate MDs

“Dr. Kocurek is an awesome doctor. He spent the first 20 minutes talking to me about my medical issues and the impact my medical problems were having on my life. He listened, was empathetic, and developed a medical plan to address my needs. I have and will continue to highly recommend him to anyone who needs a caring, knowledgeable urologist. “


February 17, 2009 Rate MDs

“Dr. Kocurek is wonderful. I have seen several specialists, and all have confirmed that Dr. K's recommendations have been solid. He is very helpful at exploring treatment options and working with me to try different things until we get it right. His staff is helpful and kind. I enjoy the relationship I have with him and his office, and would recommend him highly."


Dee C. Austin, TX 6/6/2008

After having had a terrible experience with another urologist during a bout of kidney stones, I sucked it up and waited several days for an appointment with Dr. Kocurek. At all times he treated me with dignity and respect and as an advocate in my own care. He prefers to have discussions not in the exam room when you're wearing an ill-fitting thin gown, but in his comfortable office, where you're fully-clothed and feel like a grownup. He is calm and understanding. His office staff is also awfully nice. The hospital recommended this doctor to me and after having dealt with him, I understand why.



Shana S. Austin, TX 9/28/2010

Dr. Kocurek diagnosed and treated my symptom in 2 visits. This was after the same terrible experience I had at the same urologist Dee C. went to (review 06/06/08). It was amazing, the other urologist took 5 years and no luck. 60 days with Dr. K., and I'm doing great!

Jeffrey L. Round Rock, TX 8/2/2011

Kocurek has been my urologist for several yrs, and has been wonderful. have had 2 procedures and both have gone smoothly (most recently, a vasectomy). He explains everything very well, takes time to answer any questions, and has treated me very respectfully and professionally. has that calm and confident aura you like to see in a doctor. a model for other doctors in my opinion.




Dr. Michael L. McClelland

July 17, 2011

“Dr McClelland is treating my kidney cancer and just meeting him was a pleasure. His professionalism is tops though he shows that he cares too. Got me in surgery within a week of diagnoses.”

“Dr. Michael McCelland became my doctor in an emergency situation back in 2010 he was chosen for me I guess he was the doctor on call Lucky for me because having him as my doctor has been great he has always been very professional and very caring and his nursing staff has been just as nice, caring and always prompt with answers to any questions you may have.”



Dr. Peter A. Ruff

December 2013

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I was terrified as anyone would be. The doctor had talked to me about the da Vinci surgery and I was skeptical about it. I finally agree to it, had the surgery, and everything went well. After a few hours after the surgery I was up and walking. Dr. Peter Ruff did an excellent job.” -R. Pina

“Dr. Ruff preformed a de Vinci aided laparoscopic radical prostatectomy on me on 16-Oct-2013. Ruff was informative before and after surgery. Always tried to clarify findings in ways that were meaningful to the patient. He answered questions presented at meetings as well as responding to phone calls. Ruff told us what to expect during surgery, during immediate and longer term recovery. When questioned, based on our internet research, his responses are knowledgeable. His staff always responds to phone calls. They are pleasant and on time. A professional organization.” - Richard C


Angie's List
July 6, 2013

“Having an elevated PSA my Atlanta primary care provider and I decided that a biopsy should be done. The results of the biopsy revealed that I, indeed, did have prostate cancer (12 of 12 samples had varying amounts of cancer). Because I was in the process of moving to the Austin area I decided to wait and seek out an Urologist there. After an in-depth search I found Dr. Ruff. I also found a new primary care provider and advised him of my condition and asked him to give me a referral to Dr. Ruff. Upon doing so I met with Dr. Ruff. I advised him of my condition and gave him a copy of my Atlanta biopsy report. After his review of the biopsy and my overall health / age, Dr. Ruff explained, in-depth and in words I could understand, all the available options and the pros and cons of each. We both agreed that a prostatectomy using the precise and minimally invasive da Vinci robot was the best course of action. The surgery was scheduled for two weeks later and could not have gone any better. The surgery was conducted on a Wednesday morning and late that afternoon the nurse actually had me standing in my hospital room! The next day was even more amazing - I was walking the halls of the hospital floor and on Friday afternoon (two days later) I was on my way home - Unbelievable! Upon my discharge from the hospital Dr. Ruff gave me do's and don'ts that one would expect and a follow-up appointment. Well, I went to my follow up appointment as instructed and met again with Dr. Ruff. After an exam he reviewed the pathology report with me and it was excellent. The cancer was confined to the prostate and the two lymph nodes that were additionally removed proved to be not cancerous. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ruff and his staff. Dr. Ruff is truly a gifted surgeon who possesses superior skills, knowledge and abilities that are second to none.

He saved my life and I am now a "Cancer Survivor".


Angie's List
January 29, 2013

“I went to Dr Ruff after having been diagnosed with kidney cancer in late 2011. Dr Ruff performed laparoscopic surgery on me and removed one of my kidneys in Feb 2012. Since then, I see Dr Ruff every 3 months for follow-up checks and monitoring. I came through the surgery very well and have not had any complications or issues since. I really appreciate Dr Ruff........he is a skilled surgeon and a very caring physician. I feel confident under his care. He has a great ability to communicate and is very patient. I would highly recommend Dr Ruff to anyone needing the care of a Urologist.” -Edmond A., Horseshoe Bay

June 2, 2010

“I have found Dr. Ruff competent, professional, sympathetic, informed, and interested. Every step of the way, he minimized the pain, kept me informed. Surprisingly, he did not adopt the distant and impersonal attitude one expects of a doctor. Very responsive to questions and reactions, he made it very easy to relax and cooperate. He is by far the finest urologist I have ever met. I wholeheartedly recommend him.” -David K., Austin


July 8, 2009

“An excellent urologist including his nurse. He removed a prostate with cancer and with in weeks I was back to normal with no ill effects”

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Dr. John C. Williamson


July 22, 2008

Dr. Williamson is a great urologist in my opinion. This Dr. is not a guesser, he is a thinker, and seems to have much compassion for patients. I used him for years until moving to another town. I know several friends who have used him also, and would highly recommend him as I do.”



April 17, 2009

“My Father had a serious problem with his testicles, one of them was inflamed and needed medical attention. He had put this off for years and it had become prevalent that he needed medical care, soon! Dr Williamson was a member of the church and saw my father on a Sunday after service. He relived the liquid that had built up in my fathers testicle for over 20 years. Dr. John is patient and gentle, a Christian and should be trusted in confidence. People have problems that they wish not to talk about until the last moment, DO NOT DO THIS! Go see DJ, you can trust him, I do.”

Insider pages

Dr. Robert Northway

DiegoSept 10, 2012

“Here it is six years after my first surgery and two years from the last. All continues to go well. I travel even more on this job but the places more pleasant. I just finished a marathon walk for cancer research. Thank you for what you did for me over the years. Hope all is well with you and your family.”
-Diego R.


The reason why Dr. Northway's appts take so long is that one usually has to turn in a urine specimen for testing before the appointment and I had to have x-rays at a location in the same building prior to the appointment. He runs late, it's a long appt anyway, and he's got a great personality, will spend time with you if ask for it. I miss living in Austin and having him as a urologist. He took great care of me in a emergent situation and his followup was excellent."

"I have been a patient of Dr Notthway for over 9 years. He hasalways been courteous and responsive to my needs. I treats me with respect and answers my questions in a way that I understand. I will recommend him."