3 Little Known Facts about Semen

by |  September 25th, 2014

The Facts About Semen and Sperm ● The odds of a natural conception in many couples can be increased by improving the total motile sperm count to 80 million. ● A man can be evaluated for semen related abnormalities with some simple tests and an office exam. ● Poor sperm counts may be a sign
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Is Prostate Cancer More Likely in Cyclists?

by |  July 21st, 2014

Could riding a bike increase your risk of prostate cancer? Dr. Peter Ruff of Urology Austin discusses the link between frequent cycling and an increased risk of prostate cancer among men over 50 in this KVUE News Medical Report, and concludes that thee findings are not definitive and that the health benefits of regular exercise
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A Downside of Vitamin C in Men

by |  June 17th, 2014

Vitamin C is supposed to be the ‘go to’ for when you’re feeling under the weather, right? But a new warning…research finds too much Vitamin C can lead to painful side effects like an increased risk of kidney stones, tiny masses of crystals that can painfully obstruct the urinary tract. The signs and symptoms include:
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Embarrassing Health Questions Men Won’t Ask

by |  June 11th, 2014

As part of Men’s Health Month, we’re bringing important health information to the men of Austin, Texas. The medical questions that may seem painfully embarrassing to men are often questions most doctors have heard before. So here are the top burning questions and their answers. Low testosterone or erectile dysfunction: Your sex drive is important
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It’s All About Keeping Central Texas Men Healthy This June

by |  June 4th, 2014

June is Men’s Health Month in Central Texas Three years ago, Urology Austin approached the City of Austin to declare June as Men’s Health Month and a formal proclamation was established (read more about it in a previous blog). And again this June, we are continuing our commitment to keeping the men of Central Texas
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