John Williamson, MD



  • "Dr. Williamson is a great urologist in my opinion. This Dr. is not a guesser, he is a thinker, and seems to have much compassion for patients. I used him for years until moving to another town. I know several friends who have used him also, and would highly recommend him as I do."
  • "My Father had a serious problem with his testicles, one of them was inflamed and needed medical attention. He had put this off for years and it had become prevalent that he needed medical care, soon! Dr Williamson was a member of the church and saw my father on a Sunday after service. He relived the liquid that had built up in my fathers testicle for over 20 years. Dr. John is patient and gentle, a Christian and should be trusted in confidence. People have problems that they wish not to talk about until the last moment, DO NOT DO THIS! Go see DJ, you can trust him, I do."


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