Dr. Bischoff Talks with KXAN News about the Importance of Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

by | June 22nd, 2012

The number of prosate cancer deaths is expected to fall with men continuing to stay on top of their prostate health with their physicians. While there has been much debate on the need for routine annual PSA screening in healthy men, Urology Austin believes that men need to have conversations with their physicians about their porstate health beginning at age 40.  As with most cancers, the early detection of prostate cancer can have a significant impact on a man’s survival rate and quality of life. Click here to learn about Mike Cavender’s journey fighting and surviving prostate cancer, diagnosed at 48 years old, as he explains it on KXAN News, and how early detection helped save his life.

An estimated 1,769 new prostate cancer cases will eb diagnosed in 2012. Of those, 201 men will die from the disease. That’s down from 2011 where the death rate was predicted to be 204.

June is Men’s Health Month. Urology Austin encourages all men age 40+ to have a conversation with thier physician about their prostate health. Find out what your risk factors are and decide for yourself whether or not a PSA test is right for you. A simple blood test could save your life.

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