New Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendations Still Creating Buzz Among Medical Professionals

by | May 31st, 2012

Last week we wrote a blog about the U.S. Preventive Task Force recommendations advising against the use of the PSA test for all healthy men when screening for prostate cancer. We said we were both outraged and disappointed with these recommendations.

While we have not changed our viewpoint on this, we commend the Livestrong Foundation on their recent blog about the same topic showcasing both sides of the argument.

Physicians at Urology Austin still urge you to speak to your urologist or primary care physician about this potentially life-saving test.

Here’s what Livestrong has to say:



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2 Responses to “New Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendations Still Creating Buzz Among Medical Professionals”

  1. LIVESTRONG says:

    Thank you very much for highlighting Dr. Brandon Hayes-Lattin’s blog post. As we say at LIVESTRONG “Knowledge is Power”. We encourage patients to get educated and have a two-way conversation with their health care professionals about risks vs. benefits. It’s so important to be a part of your own healthcare team.

  2. David Giles says:

    A few short months ago I underwent a routine PSA test. I was then 63 yrs. old. My primary care physician noticed a slight jump in my normal PSA level and recommended a specialist. Sure enough,after a biopsy, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer,BUT it was caught EARLY! I have undergone treatment and I am doing fine. I often wonder what would have happened if I wasn’t allowed that one little routine PSA test. I ,for one, cannot comprehend this ruling and I am sure I am not alone!

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