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Dr. Nikki Le Addresses Female Problem No One Likes to Discuss

by |   July 27th, 2016

In case you haven’t heard, Urology Austin has added a new, female board-certified urologist to our team – Dr. Ngoc-Bich ‘Nikki’ Le.  She comes from Duke University Hospital and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and skill in treating urologic conditions, including one that many women don’t like to talk about: pelvic organ prolapse,
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Dr. Grady Bruce Provides Important Tips about Urinary Incontinence and Exercise to Reader’s Digest

by |   June 21st, 2016

Most women think the best way to prevent urinary leakage during exercise is to simply avoid it. Not so, says Dr. Grady Bruce. He was recently interviewed by Reader’s Digest about ways to help with this annoying and sometimes embarrassing condition. “Getting fit is one of the best things you can do for your body
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Dr. Carl Bischoff and Staff

by |   April 8th, 2016

When we called Dr. Bischoff’s office, we were in panic mode as my husband was barely able to void. Yarnell, his office assistant , very professionally was able to calm me down after hearing desperation in my voice.  She made it possible for us to be seen ASAP and Dr. Bischoff agreed to take over
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Causes and Prevention of Kidney Stones

by |   September 29th, 2015

At Urology Austin, we know that kidney stones are a common medical condition. These small, hard mineral deposits are the result of concentrated urine that crystallizes and forms the stones. Although passing kidney stones is painful, there is no permanent damage to the urinary tract. However, if you get kidney stones once, you are likely
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Dr. Herb Singh Discusses How Health Issues Can Affect Intimacy KXAN News

by |   June 26th, 2015

Valentine’s Day isn’t usually considered an important day for Men’s Health issues, but there are several embarrassing yet common conditions such as Low T, ED, and Incontinence, that can take the romance right out of the day.  Dr. Herb Singh, a urologist with Urology Austin, sits down for a live in-studio interview with KXAN to
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