Epididymal Cyst, Spermatocele

Epididymal Cysts or Spermatoceles are round fluid collections that develop within the epididymis.

These cysts are found behind and adjacent to the testicles and important for sperm delivery. Epididymal cysts are usually discovered during testicular self-exams.

Symptoms of an Epididymal Cyst

The majority of patients with an epididymal cyst are asymptomatic (without symptoms). If an epididymal cyst becomes large, it is referred to as a “spermatocele”.

Evaluation and Treatment

A thorough history and physical exam is usually sufficient to make this diagnosis. However, some cases may require a scrotal ultrasound to help make the diagnosis. Because most epididymal cysts are asymptomatic, surgical treatment is usually deferred. If the epididymal cyst/spermatocele is causing pain or is large, surgical treatment may be considered. A “spermatocelectomy” is an outpatient procedure performed to remove the cyst through a tiny scrotal incision.