New Study Points to More Intensive Radiotherapy For Localized Prostate Cancer

Urology Austin

by | April 15th, 2014

radiation image for UA

A 10-year study involving men with localized prostate cancer – the largest trial of its kind – has shown that a radiotherapy regimen involving higher doses of radiation is a better option than receiving lower doses. The findings also demonstrated the overall effectiveness of radiotherapy for men with localized disease. Set up in 1998, the…Read the Rest of Article

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Don’t forget an important muscle group – your Pelvic Floor!

Grady Bruce, MD

by | April 1st, 2014

There’s a muscle group most women (and some men) don’t talk about much… and that’s our pelvic floor. But we should think about it because it’s the group of muscles that support our pelvic organs like the bladder, vagina and rectum.  It’s extremely important to your overall health and affects functions like bladder and bowel…Read the Rest of Article

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7 Vegetables You’re Probably Not Eating But Should Be…

Urology Austin

by | March 25th, 2014

healthy veggies

Attention meat lovers! Recent studies show that vegetarians have lower blood pressure than their meat-eating counterparts. But does that mean you have to give up your weekends at The Salt Lick? Absolutely not. Just because you eat meat doesn’t mean you can’t load up on tasty veggies, too.  In fact, produce enhances your protein. So…Read the Rest of Article

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New Studies Reveal 5 Hidden Prostate Cancer Triggers

Urology Austin

by | March 19th, 2014

At Urology Austin, you hear us talk about prostate cancer constantly…it’s the second most common cancer among American males. 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. And the numbers don’t lie. Prostate cancer is all too common… and it’s a potential killer. So what can you do to minimize your…Read the Rest of Article

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Even Prostate Cancer Can’t Stop IRONMAN Steve Cooper

Urology Austin

by | February 27th, 2014


At the age of young age of 41, Steve Cooper was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic prostate cancer. He was told by the VA that his cancer was inoperable and that he had six months to live. Having served 18 years in the Army (active and reserve), that ‘death sentence’ from the doctors was unacceptable….Read the Rest of Article

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