Urology Services

Urology Austin's Highly-Trained Physicians Represent Decades of Commitment to Urologic Care

Urology Services that Combine Clinical Excellence with Quality Care You Can Trust

Aging, illness or injury can take a toll on urinary or reproductive health. Our Austin-based urology clinic provides advanced urology services for both men and women experiencing disruptive symptoms and syndromes. From diagnostic testing, advanced surgical options and case management, our urology services cover every aspect of care related to the urinary tract (bladder and kidneys), as well as male reproductive health.

From the moment you enter our urology clinic in Austin, you will feel reassured knowing that your team consists of board certified and fellowship trained urology physicians and surgeons. Our entire clinical care staff understands the sensitive nature of urology treatment, and prioritizes compassion and professionalism in every interaction.

When urologic issues arise, you need expertise and compassion.  For over 20 years, the doctors, surgeons and team at Urology Austin have provided patients with advanced therapies for commonmale urology  and female urology concerns.

Men can receive treatment for:

  • male sexual dysfunction
  • impotence
  • low testosterone
  • erectile dysfunction
  • enlarged prostate and prostate
  • kidney  and bladder cancer

We also help women deal with problems like recurrent bladder infections and urinary tract infections, pelvic organ  prolapse, incontinence, and interstitial cystitis.

In Urology Austin clinics, we utilize the latest tools and research to accurately identify urological problems. Once we discover the cause of your problems, your urologist can determine the best way to restore your quality of life. Modern technology enables us to offer patients leading-edge diagnostics and treatments, such as:

  • Bladder slings for incontinence
  • CT scan of the kidneys to uncover causes of illness
  • da Vinci robotic surgery for minimally invasive therapy
  • Lithotripsy to break up kidney stones
  • Prostate biopsy for suspected cancer
  • Urodynamics lab to detect bladder problems
  • Physical Therapy to help patients deal with the pain and discomfort commonly associated with many urologic problems

Let us improve your urological health. Contact our urology practice to schedule an appointment with one of our 17 doctors. We serve patients from Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and the surrounding areas.