Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scheduling Your Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a medical procedure that men tend to put off. Even though they are pretty convinced they do not want to have any more children, they’re not sure about making the decision permanent. Or, they may be nervous about the pain of the procedure or the recovery process, both of which are fairly minimal compared to other surgeries.

Before you go ahead schedule your vasectomy, ask yourself a few questions to be sure it's the right choice for you.

Before you go ahead schedule your vasectomy, ask yourself a few questions to be sure it’s the right choice for you.

If you are still feeling a little unsure about scheduling your vasectomy, here are three questions you can ask yourself.

  • Are You and Your Partner on the Same Page? Couples who fully agree about the decision to pursue a vasectomy tend to have less regrets after the procedure. If either you or your partner is still feeling unsure about the decision not to have more children,  you may want to stick with temporary birth control methods until you are both certain. If you are not currently in a relationship, then you can decide for yourself if you are fully convinced that you are done having children.
  • Do You Have Any Pain or Lumps to Tell Your Doctor About? Do you have any pain in your genital area, any lumps or bumps or any prostate problems you are aware of?  If so, you need to mention these to your doctor. Vasectomy recovery is usually very simple, but complications can occur for men who have hydroceles or pre-existing fibroids. Your doctor can let you know if he has any concerns about you being a good candidate for a vasectomy.
  • If Your Circumstances Change, Would You Change Your Mind? We hate to imagine the worst, but when making a decision like permanent sterilization through a vasectomy, it is important to think through worst-case scenarios.  If your relationship with your current partner ended due to a separation or a death, would you ever want children in a new relationship?  If one of your children were to die, would you want more kids?  Odds are good that these extreme situations won’t happen, but if you realize that your decision to get a vasectomy is based on your life staying the same, you may want to think about it longer. Vasectomy reversals are often possible, but should not be relied upon.

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