Undergoing a Vasectomy: Frequently Asked Questions

As a whole, vasectomies have a safe and effective track record, but like all medical procedures, they bring to light many important questions from potential patients.

Frequently asked questions regarding undergoing a vasectomy are addressed.

Frequently asked questions regarding undergoing a vasectomy are addressed.

These questions are sometimes intimidating and awkward to ask, but it is wise to deal with them long before the procedure.  Having all the answers and information you need gives confidence and reassurance going into the procedure.  For the 500,000 yearly vasectomy patients, many of their doubts and concerns have and can be eliminated with simple questioning.

“Is this really permanent?”

There are some reversal options available for some patients, but as a whole, vasectomies should be considered as a permanent medical solution.  For those who have had their procedures reversed, many have experienced varying fertility levels that differed widely from their original state.  The fact that reversal isn’t a set option should encourage all potential patients to carefully consider the choice being made. Both partners should be fully agreed and supportive before agreeing to the procedure. Other contraceptive options are available for couples who realize that a permanent option is not the best fit for their life.

“How do I choose the right doctor?” 

With such a delicate procedure, it is vital to feel comfortable and safe with the healthcare provider you choose.  Just as selecting other types of doctors, initial consultations are a must.  Gauging your first impression of the doctor often plays a large role in your ultimate decision. Look at the doctor’s level of experience and accreditation.  Also, research the track record of the potential doctor to measure his success level with other patients.  If many other patients are happy with his work, chances are that you will be as well.

“Will I be put fully under for the procedure?”

Anesthesia is a disconcerting idea and no one enjoys the idea of being put fully under.  General anesthetic also presents more risk and potential complications. Fortunately, most if not all cases of vasectomies employ only a topical anesthetic administered to the surgery site.  This provides numbing for the procedure without putting you to sleep.  Some doctors also employ a muscle relaxant before the procedure to aid in relaxation and overall comfort.

“How long is the procedure?”

This procedure is surprising quick and general takes an average of thirty minutes. With the effect of the anesthesia–whether general or local–a post-operative resting time is sometimes necessary.


“How long is recovery?”

For most patients, two days of rest away from work are vital.  After this, the pain level of individual patients is the deciding factor for how much further time is necessary. Rest and mild physical activity are necessary to ensure that no injuries occur or complication arise.  Ice and safe pain relievers are extremely helpful in eliminating pain during the recovery period.  Carefully monitor the surgery site for any sign of complications or infections.  Wait to shower and abstain from any sexual activity until given the all-clear from your surgeon.


This procedure should not be entered into lightly.  However, for those who do choose to undergo this effective surgery, these common questions can aid your preparation and attitude pre-surgery. For more information on this procedure and its effectiveness, please contact us.