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Sometimes I Know Why You Hurt

It’s true.  People have issues in their back, hips, pelvis, bladder, urethra, genitals, vagina and rectum for a handful of reasons.  It doesn’t get that wild.  What is actually wild is the depths some patients have to go through to get referred to the appropriate care. I’ve listed super common reasons why people have pelvic issues…

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Physical Therapy

Your First Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Visit

Don’t show up in work out pants.  They’re just going to come off.  That should put the “what do I wear” question to rest.  Pelvic floor physical therapy is unlike any other physical therapy you have been exposed to.  This is a much more invasive and intimate type of physical therapy.  On your first visit,

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Physical Therapy

Holiday food and urinary health

Holiday food can make urinary health less cheery

Many people enjoy the holidays by treating themselves to elaborate meals that include seasonal favorites. Unfortunately, many holiday food choices aren’t part of a regular diet. Rich, heavy foods, sugars and alcoholic beverages cause some to worry about gaining extra pounds during the holidays. However,

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Overactive bladder

Urinary leakage and exercise

Why do I leak when I exercise?

Sudden urinary leakage…it happens to both men and women of all ages, and fitness levels. Whether you’re a couch potato, a high school athlete, or a seasoned marathon runner, urinary leakage happens! Unfortunately, leakage is also a popular reason for sidelining well-intentioned individuals from participating in fitness activities.

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Female Urology

You Must Drink Water Correctly

My husband and I were once at a gas station paying for a bag of beef jerky.  It was some organic super left-wing, not really meat, more like a meat imposter edible– it was horrible.  Don’t ever buy those.  If you want something that feels and smells like meat, then I suggest…meat.  So anyways,

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Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

What is your pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is the floor of your pelvis.  Your pelvis is a group of bones at the center of your body that connect to the bottom of the spine and the hip bones.  There are muscles all around the pelvic bones.  There are nerves extending into this area. 

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Physical Therapy

Dr. Grady Bruce Provides Important Tips about Urinary Incontinence and Exercise to Reader’s Digest

Most women think the best way to prevent urinary leakage during exercise is to simply avoid it. Not so, says Dr. Grady Bruce.

He was recently interviewed by Reader’s Digest about ways to help with this annoying and sometimes embarrassing condition.

“Getting fit is one of the best things you can do for your body and that includes your pelvic floor muscles (the “keep the pee in”

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Urinary Incontinence Urology Austin in the News

Dr. Herb Singh

I have been a patient of Dr. Singh for around 10 years and am fortunate to have found him and his staff. Dr. Singh repaired a very botched procedure by another Urology practice in Austin, that had left me with extensive bleeding for years. Dr. Singh had the technical skills to repair the serious problem,

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Urology Austin in the News

Vasectomy Reversal Gives Hope

Brad leaned back against the park bench a slight smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as he watched two boys showing off about which one could push the merry-go-round the fastest. He often stopped at the park after work to walk and enjoy the fresh air. Now that summer was here, the air was hotter and the park was busier.

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Urology Update Vasectomy Reversal

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