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Blood In Your Urine: Not Always As Scary As It Seems

Hematuria can be a scary experience, but it may not be anything serious.
Hematuria can be a scary experience, but it may not be anything serious.

Imagine this: you have been having some pain in your lower back lately, which you ignore thinking you must have pulled a muscle in you back or slept in an awkward position. Then you start to have symptoms of a UTI: the urgent need to pee and a burning sensation when you go. You do not think to go to the doctor, until you go to the bathroom at work and see what looks like blood in your urine. Of course, this gets your attention. There should not be blood when you go to the bathroom. You are worried and confide in one of your coworkers who tells you that you need to see a doctor.

So you make an appointment with a doctor. After he tests your urine and listens to the symptoms you are experiencing he diagnoses you with a kidney infection and prescribes you antibiotics. You are relieved. When you saw the blood in your urine you thought the worst. Even though it is a scary experience, blood in your urine can mean several different things.

Blood in your urine, known as hematuria, can be frightening to experience and can occur without any other symptoms. Hematuria can be caused by many different disorders, including UTIs, kidney infections, and kidney stones. It can also be caused by more serious diseases, such as cancer and kidney disease. Anytime that you see blood in your urine it is important to seek medical attention. If you are having symptoms of hematuria contact us at Urology Austin.


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