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Dr. Carl Bischoff talks to KXAN News about Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is most commonly found in young men between the ages of 15 and 35.  Roughly 8,000 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer this year. Although rare, testicular cancer is one of the most succesfully treatable cancers when detected early. Dr. Carl Bischoff, a urologist with Urology Austin, tells KXAN News that self-exams and early detection are the key to surviving testicular cancer.

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Dr. Herb Singh Discusses How Health Issues Can Affect Intimacy KXAN News

Valentine’s Day isn’t usually considered an important day for Men’s Health issues, but there are several embarrassing yet common conditions such as Low T, ED, and Incontinence, that can take the romance right out of the day.  Dr. Herb Singh, a urologist with Urology Austin, sits down for a live in-studio interview with KXAN to discuss these conditions and other sexual dysfunctions and their treatment options.  

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Treating Low T

There are many options available to treat Low T
Low testosterone, or Low T, is usually treated with testosterone hormone therapy. When patients are diagnosed with Low T at Urology Austin, and they don’t have any other underlying medical issues that require further testing or different treatment, we can begin treating Low T with one of the many hormone replacement therapy methods available today.

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Prostate Cancer Risk Factors

Determining Prostate Cancer Risk Factors

At Urology Austin, we tell our patients that it is critically important to detect prostate cancer in its earliest stages. If we can find it early, we are better able to treat it successfully. We look at each individual’s prostate cancer risk factors to determine which patients should receive screening tests for prostate cancer.

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Is Prostate Cancer More Likely in Cyclists?

Could riding a bike increase your risk of prostate cancer? Dr. Peter Ruff of Urology Austin discusses the link between frequent cycling and an increased risk of prostate cancer among men over 50 in this KVUE News Medical Report, and concludes that thee findings are not definitive and that the health benefits of regular exercise outweigh the potential increase risk in developing cancer.

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It’s All About Keeping Central Texas Men Healthy This June

June is Men’s Health Month in Central Texas

Three years ago, Urology Austin approached the City of Austin to declare June as Men’s Health Month and a formal proclamation was established (read more about it in a previous blog). And again this June, we are continuing our commitment to keeping the men of Central Texas healthy.

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