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Department Spotlight – Billing

Gabriella Davis, Director of Patient Financial Services

Urology Austin Billing Department: Working to Support the Clinics in Any Way They Can

The people in Urology Austin’s Billing Department do so much more than simply send and receive invoices. Their work begins before a patient even walks in the door and doesn’t end until the patient’s treatment is complete, and the team has resolved all insurance follow-ups and patient billing.

Gabriella Davis, Director of Patient Financial Services, says that the 21 people in their department tackle many jobs that are vital to the clinics’ operations. “Every day, someone is going above and beyond to ensure that the clinics are running smoothly, and we are ultimately profitable.”

The Billing Department consists of several teams

The larger financial group is divided into departments and teams that deal with various aspects of billing and finances.

  • Accounts receivable team – takes care of the claims that go out to insurance companies, manages rejections and does appeals if there are any denials
  • Authorization team – works diligently to make sure that patients get the cancer drugs and in-office procedures they need. They obtain preauthorization for all medications and procedures and ensure reimbursement.
  • Credentialing group – ensures that Urology Austin can get reimbursements from payors and that our physicians are properly credentialed at hospitals
  • Customer service department – handles everything after a balance goes to patient responsibility and does follow-up for collections on the back end
  • Radiation oncology specialists – deal specifically with oncology and are focused on the oncology aspect of the clinics
  • Specialized scheduling – works closely with the physical therapy department to make sure they are filled and profitable
  • Department liaisons – do a bit of everything and support everyone in the department and clinics. They take care of patient complaints, answer emails, manually bill charges and anything else that comes up. According to Davis, “The liaisons are the glue that holds us all together.”

Patience and teamwork help the financial group do their jobs effectively

Even though members of the Billing Department work remotely, they still work as a team. Davis says, “We’re all remote, but we were in the office together for several years, so we do have a core group of people who know each other well. We’re always happy to see each other when we do get together for in-person meetings.”

Having each other’s backs helps them do their jobs well. “Everybody is willing to work in harmony with each other,” says Davis. “They all have a sense of teamwork and working for the greater good. When we have challenges, we know we are going to get the job done one way or another.”

Working with patients, insurers and other people requires patience and understanding. “It’s having the patience to explain bills to patients because most people don’t have much knowledge about insurance,” Davis explains. “The job requires knowledge about billing and insurance, as well as the ability to educate patients. Every day is a new day.”

Urology Austin’s Billing Department is there to help patients and staff

Gabriella Davis wants Urology Austin employees to know that the billing department is always available to help them. “We’re here to support them, whatever their needs are. We have an email where people can ask us questions, and we’re available on Teams. All we do is geared toward supporting the clinics in whatever way we can.”

Meet the Billing Team

From Left to Right/Top to Bottom: Kristy Colpitts, Larry Norman-Garcia, Emilee Jones, Julie Roberts, Amy Lopez, Carla Williams, Katherine Gomez, Rae Carrasco, Corina Villa, Victoria Love, Cynthia Quintero, Chandra Hale, Gabriella Davis, Carol Slaughter, Amber Scheer, Carol Verver, Anthony Ramirez, Laura Hernandez, April Hester, Vanessa Ygnacio (not pictured are Erin Taylor and Lorie Widman-Bevil)

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