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Steve Pickett, MD

  • Steve Pickett, MD - Forever grateful

    From the time I was little until my mid 20's I got sick about twice a year and each time I was down for a week or so. I went through years of different doctors and each having their own idea about what caused my issue. In my mid 20's I ended up in the hospital again and by the grace of God Dr. Stephen Pickett was on duty. He immediately knew what was causing my symptoms and before I knew it I was in surgery and that was the last time I ever got sick. This man changed my life. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend him if you are looking for a Doctor that doesn't diagnose by skimming the surface, he digs deeper and finds the root of the problem.

  • Steve Pickett, MD

    Dr. Pickett was very professional, straightforward. Office staff was helpful and courteous.

  • Steve Pickett, MD - Thank you!

    I have been going to Dr. Pickett for almost 2 years with Bladder Cancer. He is an excellent Physician and has an outstanding staff who make you comfortable in what can be a uncomfortable environment. The front office is excellent, the Med. Tech are outstanding and Dr. Pickett has years of experience and has a good sense of humor. Thanks to all.

  • Steve Pickett, MD

    Dr. Pickett is an exceptional doctor and the staff at UA are top notch.

  • Steve Pickett, MD

    Good. Like Dr, Pickett. Office staff and nursing staff very pleasant and helpful.