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Dr. David Phillips accepts Men’s Health Month Proclamation from Mayor Lee Leffingwell


All right. [Applause] thank you. Appreciate it. now we’re going to address a subject that’s very men’s health, and the first sentence is kinds of — kind of disheartening in this proclamation, talking about men have a life expectancy of six years less than women. So our objective here is to do something about that, turn that — we want to live six years more than women, right? [Laughter] well, it’s true. You know, — I think it is true. I know it’s true in my case. I’d almost rather take a beating than go to the doctor. You know, I’ve got to be forced, you know, on my deathbed, taken there on a gurney or something like that. But that is a big part of addressing health, not just for men but men and women and everybody. So that’s what this — this recognition is about. And the proclamation reads whereas, despite advances in medical technology and research, men continue to live an average of six years less than women, and whereas, as a part of a congressional initiative men’s health month is focused on heightening awareness of preventible health problems and encouraging men and boys to be proactive about their health through regular medical checkups. That’s the part we don’t like, right? Exercise, and positive lifestyle decisions, and whereas, men who are educated about the value of preventive health are more likely to participate in health screenings and to recognize the importance of positive health attitudes and preventative health practices, and whereas we urge all citizens this month, especially our men and boys, to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury. Now, therefore, i, lee leffingwell, mayor of the city of austin, texas, do hereby proclaim june 2011 as men’s health month in austin, texas. So here to accept this david phillips to talk a little bit more about this subject. [Applause]

well, it’s certainly my honor to accept this proclamation, and in my life I usually do the proclaiming, no one listens, but it’s good to accept this from the mayor. I thank you very much. It’s my honor on behalf of urology austin, which is the company I work for, and all the men and women who participate in the care of men throughout the city, i thank you for the proclamation. This proclamation is just another exasm of our city’s — example of our city’s commitment in keeping austin as one of the fittest cities in the state, if not in the country, and i certainly admire the mayor’s fitness council and the city’s commitment to our community health needs. The purpose of men’s health month is to heighten awareness of preventible problems and to encourage early detection of treatable diseases. This proclamation gives health care providers public policy makers and the media, as well as individuals a platform to encourage men and boys to seek medical advice and early treatment about men’s health issues. I think most importantly, though, it opens up a conversation about conditions that us men are reluctant to discuss. Sometimes those guys need a little extra reminding, and you know who you are, to do what we need to do, and so i think this is an excellent opportunity to do that. Urology austin is committed to providing the austin community the most ethical and quality urologic care available, be it diseases of the prostate with the di vinci robot, be it modern therapy the operation for radiation and oncology, be it treatment of testicular cancer, which effects young and low men, or low testosterone treatment, or be it treatment of erectile dysfunction with the link to cardiac disease. These are all important diseases to be aware of and urology austin and myself are very pleased to be partnered with the city in this proclamation. Every day is men’s health day at urology austin and it’s good to see that the city is involved as well. Something that really dovetails very nicely to this is what we’re doing at urology this october. We’re doing a dash for dads and this is sort of like the komen run which is designed to bring awareness to and to earn money for the study of prostate cancer. On october 22. It would be nice to do it in june but june is hot. So october 22 is the date and it’s at camp mabry. com our web site, and if you want to participate, mayor, we expect to see you there at camp mabry, perhaps, october 22. [Laughter] or any of you-all’s friends. what are we doing?

5K run, or walk. [Laughter]

mayor lfingwell: yeah.

But most importantly, i think, we all have men in our lives so remind your men in your life to get checked and to do what they need to do. And again, thank you very much. you’re very welcome.

Appreciate it. [Applause]

I have to say this because I’ve always wanted to meet david phillips and given the fact I’m not ever likely to be one of his patients, he has an identical twin brother who is one of the greatest ob-gyn, in town who delivered both of my babies. I don’t know who your mother is but she must be so proud to have children who are doing so much for health and wellness in this town. Thank you so much. Nice to meet you.

Full transcript from the June 9, 2011 Council Meeting here.

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