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Employee Excellence – June 2023

This month, our top employee excellence recognition goes to Rita Shifrin, MAI in Jollyville. Thank you, Rita!

One exceptional clinical assistant is Rita. Rita has helped me on two separate visits, and each one has been very positive.  She made each visit better than tolerable even though it was something that I didn’t really want to go through.

On my April 27 visit, Rita needed to remove my Foley catheter and instill saline into my bladder to make sure my bladder was emptying properly following my UroLift procedure.  This was my second Foley catheter because I still was retaining urine due to inflammation after the first one was removed.

Rita took care and explained each step of how the process was going to work:
1.  She asked me to lower my pants down to the floor.
2.  She covered my legs and pants with paper drapes so they would not get wet or stained during the procedure.
3.  She deflated the Foley balloon so she could continue the procedure.
4.  She slowly instilled saline into my bladder going one syringe at a time.  She told me how much volume she was instilling with each new syringe.
5.  She continually asked me to rate my urge to urinate (from 1 to 10) as she instilled more saline.
6.  When I felt the strong urge to urinate, she stopped instilling saline.  She then slowly and gently removed the Foley catheter.  Others have just jerked it out suddenly and I experienced pain; no pain this time with Rita.
7.  She told me to stand and urinate fully into the container.
8.  She measured the volume expelled and reported it to Dr. Giesler.
Gabriella Davis

Each step went smoothly and flawlessly because it was quite clear that she knew what she was doing. She also went from one step to another with patience and kindness. As a result, the procedure wasn’t bad at all. It went well. 

I wanted you, and her manager, to know that Rita is an outstanding Clinical Assistant, at least in my humble opinion. I feel that every effort should be made to retain her and show tangible appreciation for her work with merit raises and/or promotions.

I would give Rita the highest rating possible. Indeed, it is a pleasure for me to do so.

– Submitted by Brian Doucha, Site Manager

Five-Star Yelp Reviews May ’23

I have been getting testosterone pellet insertion for over 15 years, but no one has done as incredible work as Richard “Sean” Omsberg at the Round Rock office! His insertion of the pellets is so small you can hardly tell he did the work, amazing! This also means faster healing time and no scaring. My wife would love to have Sean do her insertion since she has to fly to Arizona to see her doctor but Urology Austin, I’m told will not order the estrogen pellet’s which she prefers. If you want to start testosterone treatments or already having treatments done, you know what I’m talking about here so I highly recommend you make an appointment with Richard Omsberg. If you’re a woman tell Urology Austin to order the Estrogen needed.

Urology Austin in the Austin and nearby surrounding communities is by far ranked and rated by their patients their 5 Star reviews for Urology Austin standards of overall high quality urological care and support due to having the very best medical staff in having them to provide the very best friendly and knowledgeable and supportive urologists and physician assistants and nurses and receptionists that are always willing to provide to their patients their ultimate goals of providing their very best urological health care and support to all of their patients for them to be able to live a better and healthier busy lifestyle!!!

I have been receiving exceptional urological care and support from my urologist, Dr. Bryan Kansas and his physician assistant, Richard Sean Omsberg, that are always willing and wanting to provide for me their very best and reliable and knowledgeable care and support while having procedures performed and while having wonderful consultation visits at their FM 620 Brushy Creek and at their Jollyville Road clinic locations!!! Also, their receptionist and nurses are very helpful and very supportive in always making sure that their patients are very well taken care of during their appointment visits!

I cannot express enough how much Dr. Mobley improved my urological issues. She is without a doubt the best doctor I have seen of all the specialists. Not only did she perform procedures that two other prior doctors could not improve, but she also addressed the issue in a way that got to the issue quickly. The prior urologist did multiple procedures that resulted in not only not improving my situation but made it worse. She is an excellent doctor in every way.

5 Star Google Reviews

The team at the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology was outstanding!!!! Very caring and considerate team that made my journey much easier and hopeful.

The Intrepid ACRO is without question a world-class organization. The doctors are brilliant, the nurses sweet, supportive, and utterly professional, all the rest of the staff extremely competent. The place is performing miracles. Modern cancer treatment has become truly transformative. Truly spectacular all around. More than anything else, everyone there listens, and is attentive. This is a standard for patient care the entirety of the medical profession in the U.S. would do well to study and emulate. Job well done, all! And thank you in particular, Dr. Pahlajani, for your expertise, your brilliance and your care. You care deeply. This matters a lot.

They have a goal of making sure you never feel like a patient – and they have succeeded. Everyone there is very kind, friendly, caring and professional. The office takes care of everything including making appointments with other doctors. I can’t speak highly enough about this center.

I am very happy with the congeniality shown by all members of the staff (especially Kristianne) and Dr. Garza and the efficient manner in which my radiation treatments were administered. This is an example of how the health care experience should be for everyone. Thank you, Austin Center For Radiation Oncology.

I had a wonderfully experience at Austin Center for Radiation Oncology. Dr Garza and his staff were very professional. They were friendly, helpful and ready to answer any concerns/questions I had and reassured me every step of the way through the process.

Dr. Kansas and staff
5 star, need say no more!!

Round Rock #2
I have been seeing Dr Mobley for several years now. She is very knowledgeable and keeps up on all the latest technologies and procedures. She has given me guidance on my health and made suggestions which have all helped a great deal. If you want a Urologist that listens, is genuinely committed to your quality of life and is easy to talk with, look no further. Give her a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Baker
The doctor is very thorough in examining the symptoms and making a diagnosis. Listens attentively and answers questions about treatment and any tests. I’m glad to have him as a doctor for my kidney and prostate problems.

I have been receiving friendly and knowledgeable care and exceptional quality service from my urologist and my surgeon, Dr. Bryan Kansas and from his Physician Assistant, Richard Sean Omsberg and from the entire supportive nurses and from the helpful receptionists at the Jollyville Road clinic location associated with Urology Austin for over the past couple of years of which I have had been privileged to be able to receive their wonderful and outstanding care and support once again!!!

Dr. Maloney
My husband loves Dr. Maloney. He always cares about his patients. And takes his time explaining all of the patients concerns. Highly recommend Dr. Maloney!!

Dr. Maloney
Excellent experience @ this office w/Dr. Shaun Maloney & staff. My care is first class -top of the mart… kudos to all!!! Thank you! For my GREAT care!

Dr. Dickinson
He saved my life by finding the cancer in my ureter. Highly recommended.

Dr. Bruce
5 Star Rating

Dripping Springs
5 Star Rating

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