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Employee Excellence – March 2023

Our incredible team members are what make Urology Austin stand out from the rest. Check out the great feedback that our team members have recently received from their coworkers and patients. 


Vanessa Castañeda  (Navigator, Round Rock #1) 

Vanessa always goes the extra mile to help our team at RR#1! Even though she is no longer part of the office, she is always available to help the patients, staff and doctors. Extremely happy to know that the Navigation team has someone like her! Way to go Vane!!! (Vanessa Cruzado) 

This patient called and wanted to commend the effort of Vanessa Castaneda. He said she is very professional and has been very helpful. She answered all of his questions and gave him the information he has asked about. He is retired and used to work in the public, so he knows how hard it is to deal with people, being a patient and having someone like Vanessa help him has made it very comforting for him. He stated Urology Austin has a very valuable employee with Vanessa. I told him I agree and thank him for this positive feedback.  (Patient K.C.) 

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Dr. Bryan Kansas (Google 5 Star Review) 

Dr. Bryan Kansas has been my urologist and surgeon for over a couple of years, of which, he performed three surgeries on me that were very successful with very little pain and without any infections!!! Dr. Bryan Kansas appointment consultation visits before and after my surgeries have been within a friendly and knowledgeable environment in taking care of my urological health issues!!! Richard Sean Omsberg, my physician assistant of Dr. Bryan Kansas, has been taking care all of my supapubic catheter change procedures with knowledgeable solutions in helping me with ideas in keeping the catheters working properly between the monthly catheter changes!!! I highly recommend Dr. Bryan Kansas and Richard Sean Omsberg PA with Urology Austin at their FM 620 and Jollyville Road locations to anyone that may want friendly and outstanding care and service!!! 

– Jerry Stefek


Jollyville Clinic (Google 5 Star Review)

I have been associated with Urology Austin at their locations at FM 620 and Jollyville Road for over a couple of years!!! It has been a privilege to be associated with the receptionist and the nurses and the on-call nurses and my urologist, Dr. Bryan Kansas and his physician assistant, Richard Sean Omsberg for each of them with Urology Austin are very friendly and knowledgeable and outstanding in their care and service towards me during my appointment visits and consultations!!! I am so very pleased and so glad to be associated back with Urology Austin once again!!! I highly recommend Dr. Bryan Kansas along with Richard Sean Omsberg PA associated with Urology Austin at their locations on FM 620 and Jollyville Road to anyone that may want outstanding and knowledgeable and friendly care and service!!! 

– Jerry Stefek


Dr. Melody Denson (Google 5 Star Review) 

She is so understanding and actually cares about her patients. So caring, and you feel her good energy almost immediately. 

– Adriana Salem

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