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February 2023 Kudos

Our incredible team members are what make Urology Austin stand out from the rest. Check out the great feedback that our team members have recently received from their coworkers and patients. 



Kudos to Diana Rivera (Jollyville) for staying late to help me help a patient get scheduled for something that needed to be prioritized, and for her calm resolve when a patient got loud in the office recently. You are so appreciated!!

From: Rachel Dixon




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Dr. Loren Jones is the absolute best there is at what he does. I give him full credit for performing an emergency PCNL to save my life during the peak of covid in 2020. He also performed a bilateral ureteroscopy and made the experiences as easy and as comfortable as possible for me. When you’re in an intense, vulnerable position, being taken care of by a competent, kind, and experienced medical team is paramount.

Years later, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find a comparable doctor that I could trust in Florida to remove some large stones. So, I contacted Dr. Jones to see if he might be able to fit me in for a last-minute surgery right before Christmas, if I flew back to Texas. He immediately got in touch with me by phone and personally helped me set everything up. Dr. Jones, Cristina Franco and the rest of his team at Urology Austin are just incredible, lovely, highly responsive and detail-oriented people. They bent over backwards to make everything happen as seamlessly as possible. I can’t stress how incredibly easy everyone is to work with, and the quality of care really is second to none. Every single person that I came in contact with, I had a great experience with, from Cristina Franco to the pre-surgery nurse to the surgery team to the anesthesiologist, etc.

I’ll admit that I’m not the easiest patient. I’m highly demanding and I want perfection. Dr. Jones always takes the time to answer my long list of questions promptly, thoroughly, honestly, kindly and without a shred of arrogance. Even though he is very in-demand and crazy busy, he always dedicates time and energy to make sure that I feel comfortable with and fully understand his action plans. I always have had a say in how my surgeries would be performed, and he respects my requests, such as limiting radiation as much as possible, changing/limiting medications or combining surgeries into one. He’s always thorough and is able to see/catch things that other doctors would easily miss. He is able to get to really difficult places to access stones while other doctors may give up completely.  

He’s not just my doctor. I really feel like he is on my team and a good friend, listening to my concerns, advising me along the way and working hard to make sure that the surgeries are perfect and successful. Communication is easy, thorough and fast from his side. Once the surgery is done, he is there and available, helping you through post op/recovery and celebrating alongside you when the X-rays are clear. I really can’t think of anything that can be improved.

Experience, intelligence, high ethics and always keeping up with the latest medical advancements – Dr. Jones checks every box. Rest assured, you are definitely in the best hands with him and his team at Urology Austin. Thank you guys for all you do.  

From: A Patient 

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