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Prevent Kidney Stones

Having kidney stones is no picnic. Described as some of the worst pain one has ever felt, you can reduce your risk of kidney stones by making simple lifestyle changes.

Drink Water

Keeping hydrated will lead to more urination. This is especially important while exercising or if you live in a hot and dry climate. If you have a history of kidney stones, doctors recommend that you drink enough water to pass 2.6 quarts of urine a day.

Eat Less Oxalate-Rich Foods

Foods rich in oxalate can lead to calcium oxalate stones. Examples of food rich in oxalate are beets, spinach, okra, nuts, and chocolate.

Calcium: Good or Bad?

While calcium in food doesn’t pose a risk of developing kidney stones, taking a calcium supplement might. It is important to discuss calcium supplements with your doctor before taking them.

Lemons and Limes

Studies show that fruits and juices high in natural citrate have stone prevention benefits. Lemonade and limeade, for example, contain citrate which may reduce the risk of kidney stones. Choose sugar-free as sugar can have the opposite effect.

Kidney Stones Can and Often Do Return

A healthier lifestyle can help prevent the return of kidney stones yet an astonishing 41% of patients studied did not follow the nutritional advice to prevent the stones from reoccurring. By committing to drinking more water, watching your diet, and visiting your doctor regularly, you will be saving yourself from great pain later.

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