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Hematuria a/k/a Blood in Urine: Diagnoses, Causes, and Cures

Your doctor will perform lab tests to make sure the blood in your urine isn't an indicator of anything serious.
Your doctor will perform lab tests to make sure the blood in your urine isn’t an indicator of anything serious.

Hematuria” is a broad, general term for red blood cells in your urine. You will likely experience no other symptoms apart from reddish-colored urine, although the presence of blood in your urine may be a symptom of a greater problem.

Some of the more likely causes of hematuria include urinary tract infections, kidney stones, kidney tumors or cancer, exercise, and trauma to the kidney or bladder. Certain prescription medications and other drugs, including blood thinners and sulfa drugs, may also cause blood to be released in to your urine. You may be taking blood thinners, for example, to treat cardiac problems, in which case your physician or pharmacist will likely warn you about possible blood in your urine. Also, some inflammatory illnesses and chronic conditions, such as hemophilia, may cause blood to be released into your urine.

Although the cause of blood in your urine may be temporary or benign, you should always contact your physician when your urine takes on a red color. Your physician will request a urine sample to confirm the presence of blood and to rule out other causes for the reddish color. Depending on the results of the urine culture, your physician may order other tests, including ultrasounds or CT scans. He or she may also recommend a cystoscopy (a procedure that is typically performed under local anesthetic) to examine your bladder for tumors or other more severe problems. The results of your initial urinalysis and your overall health profile will guide your physician’s decision regarding further tests.

Most hematuria problems will remedy themselves in a few days. Drinking ample quantities of water and refraining from smoking and strenuous activities will help clear the condition. Your hematuria may be the initial symptom of a greater problem, including tumors or infections, that may require additional treatments and therapies. Your prognosis for a complete recovery from those problems will be much greater if those problems are identified early. Again, this suggests that you should contact your physician as soon as you notice blood in your urine.

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