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January 2023 Kuddos

This is the part of the newsletter where we recognize employee excellence. Take a look at the wonderful kudos our team members received from their coworkers and patients this month.


We’d like to celebrate Steven Baze and Zac Gerber in this month’s Employee Excellence section (previously “Kudos”).

Great work! We’re so glad to have you both on the Urology Austin team.



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“We would like to send a Kudos to Fabian Maya-Tello. Last week, an APC patient called near closing time stating he was going out of the country at 5:30 AM the next morning and needed his oncology medication. Unfortunately, his Rx was too soon to fill per his insurance company. We were able to get in touch with Fabian who had already left the office and almost home. Despite it being out of his way, he volunteered to drive back to Radam Lane clinic to meet up with the patient to provide him with a sample bottle. The patient was very grateful also. We at the pharmacy appreciate him going above and beyond for our patients.  Thank you for having such a big heart, Fabian!!”

From: Rich Cuellar (RPh/Urology Austin Pharmacy)

“I would like to give a massive kudos to Lisa Burdett for her hard work at Westlake all by herself on December 7. She was a trooper and very much appreciated.”

From: Rachel Dixon 

“A big KUDOS to Mandi G (surgery scheduler) for always helping me when I need it. She has been a big life saver and I appreciate all that she does to help. Thank you so very much!!!!”

From: Lisa Burdett (Assistant Site Manager – Operations)

“Jennifer Flores is my surgery scheduler for MPT. I am writing to share my gratitude and praise for Jennifer’s continued support. She is always approachable, empathetic, compassionate, and helpful. She answered all my questions and provided detailed information during the surgery scheduling process. Today she helped gather an itemized statement that I needed from my FSA provider. Also, during our conversation, I expressed frustration in contacting staff via email and the patient portal. She listened and helped secure an appointment for tomorrow, going beyond any ask or expectation. She is by far and away the best customer service team member in the Urology Austin office. I would strongly advocate for any raise, bonus, or additional compensation for her work. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.”

From: A patient 

“I like to give out some kudos to Estefania Sanchez-Jasso who is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns with patients that I at the call center might help. She is always cheerful and understanding and willing to help. She is a great team player.”

From: Rosa Perez (Call Center)  

“Roxanne Kulman, I cannot say enough, she is wonderful, she has helped in so many situations with our patients.    She takes the call if it is an urgent manner that I, a nonclinical person, can quite deal with. She instructs. She helps you understand. She is approachable. She is wonderful to the staff and all the patients.”

From: Rosa Perez (Call Center)

“I would like to say how wonderful Alexander Claussen Pohl, a Triage nurse, is. He is so helpful every time you call upon him. He is ready to teach, to figure out what the situation is and explain it all to you. He is a great team player.”

From: Rosa Perez (Call Center)

“This is for Zac and Steven: The best IT team I have ever worked with – and as I’ve been in genitourinary pathology for nearly 25 years that is saying a lot. Zac and Steven are knowledgeable, focused, meticulous and patient. This Monday morning Zac arrived before 8 AM to check and service my desktop as I transition to a three-computer system: The desktop dedicated to UA administrative services and laboratory specific services only, one laptop dedicated to Laboratory services only, and one laptop for person use with no connections to UA business concerns, UA patient data and to UA laboratory concerns – UA paid for the desktop, I paid for the two laptops. This is a large undertaking and is very much outside what is expected of them in their positions, but Zac and Steven are remarkable and dedicated professionals. I feel confident the Lab will be doing everything possible to protect UA’s patient information and UA concerns with the help of Steven and Zac.”

From: Dr. Putzi 

“I can’t begin to tell you all how great Fran Johns is as team leader at the call center. She is constantly answering questions or looking for answers for her Team at the Call Center. She is patient. She is informative. She is good at teaching. She is wonderful.”  

From: Rosa Perez (Call Center) 

“I would like to tell you all what a good Team Lead Jamie McCall is for the Call Center. She is attentive, helpful, and eager to assist or figure out the problems. She is available whenever we need her. She is a great asset to our team.” 

From: Rosa Perez (Call Center)

“Rosa Perez: Patient called to let me know that Rosa was extremely polite and professional. Rosa helped him get his appointments straightened out and he was very appreciative. AWESOME JOB Rosa!!”

From: Lisa Derrick (Contact center manager)

“Maria Henry: Patient called to let me know that Maria was such a delight to speak with, she was so helpful and positive. It sounds like she loves her job and that is hard to find these days. NICE JOB Maria!!!”

From: Lisa Derrick (Contact center manager)

“Shelby Norris: Patient called to let me know he was so surprised by her knowledge and understanding of insurance. She was very good at explaining why the insurance company required authorization for appointment. She helped me get scheduled quickly and helped get the “required” insurance information from my PCP. 

SUPER JOB Shelby!!”

From: Lisa Derrick (Contact center manager)

“Marie Coronado: Patient called to let me know that she was very pleased with the super-fast appointment that Marie helped her get. Patient said Marie was very pleasant to speak with. BAM-Good Job Marie.”

From: Lisa Derrick (Contact center manager)

  “Hazel Rathke: Patient called to let me know that Hazel was a delight to speak with. Hazel was a character and very easy to chat with, he enjoyed that. This was the best interaction he has had with a physician’s office in years.  


From: Lisa Derrick (Contact center manager)

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