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Kidney Cancer Explained

A Basic Guide to Urology Austin and its Explanation of Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is a cancerous tumor that is located within one of the kidneys, which are found in the lower back region. Those who have one of the following risk factors: male gender, older age, smoking, obesity, and genetics are generally more susceptible to kidney cancer. Unfortunately, kidney cancer is difficult to detect and does not produce many noticeable symptoms; it is generally discovered when a patient is being seen and checked out for another medical issue. With that being said, blood in the urine, weight loss, a palpable mass, and lower back pain can all be symptoms of kidney cancer, which can be noticeably visible to the patient or revealed through a CT scan, renal ultrasound, or MRI.

The Treatment Options Explained

At Urology Austin, with state of the art equipment and specially trained physicians in the robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery, your options for removing the cancer are varied. This minimally invasive procedure allows for the cancerous portion of the kidney to be removed with minimal incision and a quicker recovery time. There are also other methods available including: open surgery, cryosurgery, and radiofrequency ablation, depending on the size and location of the cancerous tumor. Our highly knowledgeable doctors will be able to guide you in deciding which treatment option is the best for your condition.

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