Urology Austin

Vas Madness

It’s Back! Vas Madness and The Vasters at Urology Austin!

Urology Austin is kicking off our annual vasectomy promotion during the months of March and April!

If you’ve decided that you’re finished having children, a vasectomy is a safe, permanent form of birth control for men. A vasectomy is an in-office, minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed using a local anesthesia, and is typically completed in under 30 minutes. Learn more about the vasectomy procedure. For the comfort of our male patients, we also offer nitrous oxide as an option during the vasectomy. Learn more about nitrous oxide at Urology Austin.

After your vasectomy, sit back and watch sports all day – college hoops in March…the pro golf tourney in April – doctors orders! We have 18 convenient locations so getting your vasectomy is quick and easy. Spots are limited so call today!