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March Madness Means More Vasectomies in Austin?

Sitting motionless in front of the TV becomes a national pastime during many of the nation’s big sporting events, including the NCAA men’s basketball tournament known as March Madness. Many men find March Madness the perfect excuse to be a couch potato and to take care of some other “business”.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, the week of basketball nirvana sees a 50-percent increase in the number of vasectomies performed. Physicians at Urology Austin also see more vasectomies in Austin…in a word – huh?

Yes, it’s true. Many avid basketball fans see March Madness as the perfect time to play their own form of “zone defense” by having this simple yet highly effective birth control procedure done. It’s become such a trend, in fact, that some urologists are actively promoting it with items like sports magazines, pizza delivery deals and so forth. Actually, the reasoning behind it is sensible enough. There’s nothing like a sports tournament keep even a casual fan glued to the living room couch all day. Vasectomies are not particularly painful, but there is some swelling and men generally need a few days’ recovery time where they can sit still in a comfortable spot. What better time to schedule the procedure than just before a nice long session on the couch watching your favorite teams battle for it all?

Have you been putting off your vasectomy because you keep waiting for the “right time?” If you have any interest in NCAA basketball, that right time might as well be March Madness. If you’re nervous about any time being the right time, don’t be. A Urology Austin vasectomy is a quick outpatient procedure. The minimal discomfort you feel is easily managed with over-the-counter medication, and you’ll feel just fine after some quiet time with an ice pack and everybody’s favorite sport – watching TV!

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