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March is National Kidney Awareness Month: It’s About More Than Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones are often the first thing to come to mind when discussing kidney health. Kidney disease and failure are often overlooked as serious kidney health issues. That’s why March is observed as National Kidney Awareness Month; to create awareness about all types of kidney health issues, their treatment, and prevention.

Why is kidney health so important?

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New Food Pyramid for Kidney Disease Patients

Italians have “refashioned” the food pyramid.

Renal & Urology News recently reported that researchers at the University of Pisa (Italy) tailored the traditional version to include phosphorous foods addressing the dietary needs of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis patients.

Those suffering from CKD, or a mineral and bone disorder (MBD), are advised to limit phosphorous in their diets.

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Protect Your Kidneys: It’s National Kidney Month


March is National Kidney Month and is sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). Kidney disease affects people of all ages, even children; however those who are of African-American descent and/or suffering from diabetes are thought to be especially at risk.

Urology Austin treats many kidney conditions such as chronic kidney disease,

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New Device Could Change How Prostate Cancer is Detected


A chemist from Brigham Young University and his students created a new device that could change how doctors detect prostate cancer and kidney disease. Instead of invasive blood draws, the device uses urine.

A tiny tube is lined with DNA sequences that latch onto disease markers in the urine. Urine that flows freely through the tube translates to a clean bill of health.

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