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Kidney Stones: Five Signs Never to Ignore

Kidney stones and pain

Kidney stones or renal calculus can cause much pain and discomfort, especially when the warning signs are ignored.  If a stone has grown to at least 3 millimeters it can block the ureter and cause even more pain, usually in the lower back, right or left flank, or groin.  

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Kidney stones

Protect Your Kidneys: It’s National Kidney Month


March is National Kidney Month and is sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). Kidney disease affects people of all ages, even children; however those who are of African-American descent and/or suffering from diabetes are thought to be especially at risk.

Urology Austin treats many kidney conditions such as chronic kidney disease,

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Sugar and Kidney Stones? Be Weary This Holiday Season



Sugar, spice and everything nice is just around the corner. With the holidays fast approaching, doctors warn eating foods high in sugar could have consequences far beyond just packing on the pounds. It could also mean an increased risk of developing painful kidney stones. That’s because sugar upsets the mineral relationships in your body by interfering with calcium and magnesium absorption.

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Kidney stones Urology Update

A Downside of Vitamin C in Men

Vitamin C is supposed to be the ‘go to’ for when you’re feeling under the weather, right? But a new warning…research finds too much Vitamin C can lead to painful side effects like an increased risk of kidney stones, tiny masses of crystals that can painfully obstruct the urinary tract. The signs and symptoms include:

severe pain from the flank to groin or to the genital area and inner thigh.

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