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Semen and sperm analysis


Semen is a thick fluid produced in the testicles which contains male sperm. When couples have trouble conceiving a child, it may be due to a male infertility issue related to sperm rather than a female reproductive issue.

Following are some basic facts about semen and sperm:

The odds of natural conception can be increased by improving the total motile sperm count to 80 million.

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Male Infertility Semen Analysis

Improving Semen Parameters


Couples who have been trying to conceive without success, tend to start the diagnosis process with a female fertility evaluation. While important, it’s also crucial to examine the male partner since sperm plays a vital role in the conception process. In reality, a simple semen analysis with provide the physician with important information about sperm counts (concentration),

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Male Infertility Male Urology Semen Analysis

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