Urology Austin

When we called Dr. Bischoff’s office, we were in panic mode as my husband was barely able to void. Yarnell, his office assistant , very professionally was able to calm me down after hearing desperation in my voice.  She made it possible for us to be seen ASAP and Dr. Bischoff agreed to take over my husband’s complicated case. After reading Dr. Bischoff’s credentials, we knew my husband needed to be under his care. He had assisted on the initial surgery to remove part of the urethra after being diagnosed with urethral cancer. The rarity of the cancer drove us to Houston initially, but after months of surgeries, infections and frustrations we sought out Dr. Bischoff. He performed an emergency dilation followed by a revision of the Perineal  Urethrostomy.  We are so impressed with Dr. Bischoff that he was able to correct the problem and my husband is able to live a normal life again.  – Carol G. on Yelp! 3/31/16

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