Urology Austin

I highly recommend Drs. Williamson and Ruff.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2014.  After discussing the finding and treatments with Dr. Williamson, I elected to have a prostatecdomy.  Dr. Williamson referred me to Dr. Ruff, who would perform the surgery using Di Vinci machine at Austin’s St. David’s Hospital.   My major concerns were the surgery complications, recovery time,  incontinence and scar tissue adversely effecting urination.
I had no ill effect from the surgery and within two weeks I was back to my normal activities.  Within three months of the surgery; I had no leakage or incontinence.  I just had my one year check-up and everything is normal, PSA is non-detectable.
Drs. Williamson and Ruff took the time to help me understand my diagnosis, options and treatments.  Additionally, they are very approachable and friendly.   Without question, they are highly skilled professional urologist and surgeons.  In my option, they have earned the highest marks and my recommendation for any urological related health issues. – Jim A. on Yelp! 11/9/15

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