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Iconic Restaurateur Shares His Low T Experience

Eddie-lrEddie Wilson is used to hard work – he’s been the owner of Threadgill’s, one of Austin’s most treasured Southern style restaurants, since 1981. Wilson is no stranger to challenges, including his battle with lung cancer, which included an intense 16 weeks of chemotherapy. When he was still experiencing lethargy and anxiety, he chalked it up to the cancer treatment.

“I started acting like Walter Matthau in the ‘Odd Couple’, said Wilson. “I felt like a one man odd couple. I was just going back and forth and getting grouchy. In my business, I don’t need to be around here if I am Walter Matthau.”

Then a visit to his urologist, Dr. Herb Singh, and a simple blood test revealed his testosterone levels had plummeted. Lethargy and poor mood are both common symptoms of low testosterone. Others include a low sex drive, poor concentration, a loss of muscle mass, weight gain and decreased concentration.

Fortunately for Wilson, a tiny testosterone replacement pellet injected a couple of times a year has made all the difference.  His testosterone levels are now back to normal.

“There wouldn’t be an age-old myth about the fountain of youth if there wasn’t some sort of problem with growing old,” said Wilson. “My problem with growing old was identified, at least in part, by a blood test.”

**portions of this article were taken from Jim Beramo’s KVUE story which aired Dec 5, 2012

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