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From Embarrassment to Feeling 18 Again

SONY DSCTwo of Pearl Field’s greatest passions are playing tennis and golf. But when an enlarged cyst began pressing against her bladder and she had suffered from uncontrolled urine leakage, she wanted to know the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

“It was embarrassing. At first I thought I was sweating profusely, but then quickly realized that wasn’t the case. I wasn’t ready to quit the game, so I wanted answers from my doctor,” confided Fields.

Her doctor suggested she see urologist, Dr. Grady Bruce. After a thorough examination and patient history, he suggested urodynamics testing at Urology Austin, one of the only sites in Central Texas to use the sophisticated video testing, which can be very helpful for more difficult cases.

“It involves X-ray dye, and we can see what’s happening to the bladder in real-time. Instead of looking at a computer model, we can actually see what’s happening,” Dr. Bruce explained.

Urodynamic testing may not be appropriate for every patient; however, for complex situations like Pearl, it is an extremely helpful diagnostic tool to help determine the best course of treatment.

“Seeing the test in real-time and having a subsequent conversation with Dr. Bruce confirmed that I definitely needed surgery to fix the problem. The newer testing really gave me piece of mind that surgery was the best option for me,” said Fields.

Following surgery, Fields’ quality of life has improved significantly. She continues to play tennis with women 20 years younger than her who use the restroom far more frequently.  Pearl is a good example that an accurate diagnosis, using cutting edge technology, like urodynamics, can lead to proper treatment.



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