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Vasectomy Reversals are Highly Succesful

No man ever makes the decision to get a vasectomy carelessly. A lot of thought and planning goes into the process of choosing a vasectomy for the purposes of sterilization.  However, even the most carefully made decision may need to be reexamined over time.

You may have thought that you were done having children, but as time passes, you decide that you would like more children. This might happen because you divorce and remarry, lose a child through an illness, accident or injury, or have other changes in your family or circumstances that make you think differently about your life and future.

While vasectomy reversals are not simple, they are a possibility for a majority of men. Vasectomy reversals are becoming more common, and while they are slightly more expensive and more complicated than a vasectomy is, vasectomy reversals are typically successful.

According to the HTRNews.com article, “Ask the Doctor: Vasectomies” by W. Scott Daugherty,

“The reversal procedure is 90 percent effective. The surgical time is usually two to three hours, but is performed as an outpatient day surgery procedure.”

Many people look into vasectomy reversals before making a decision to have a vasectomy in the first place, just to know that they have options down the road if their circumstances should ever change. Vasectomy reversals are even more likely to be successful the closer they are performed to the vasectomy itself, but even reversals done after a long period of time can still be very effective. The quality and count of the sperm seem to be unimpacted by the vasectomy and the subsequent reversal.

If you are interested in a vasectomy or a vasectomy reversal and would like more information, please contact us.

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