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Want to Boost Your Fertility, Men? Adopt a Healthy Diet

Urology Austin prides itself on providing a wealth of educational resources and advice for those in need of fertility urology in Austin. That’s why we’re excited to share recent evidence that shows a link between healthy dietary habits and successful in-vitro fertilization (IVF). So if you’re trying to start or grow a family, you’ll also want to start eating right.

The Fertilization Centre in Sao Paolo, Brazil have found that the same dietary habits that apparently affect female fertility rates also affect male fertility. Researchers studied 250 men participating in an in-vitro program with their partners, questioning them on their eating and drinking while also securing sperm samples to examine such fertility factors as concentration and motility. The studied included alcohol consumption, BMI (body mass index) and smoking as additional variables.

And now the results…as you may have suspected, smoking and consumption of alcohol inhibited the success of the IVF treatments – but so did consuming large quantities of red meat. Coffee consumption had a negative effect on fertilization as well. Fruits and cereal grains, on the other hand, boosted the speed, agility and concentration of sperm cells, making these foods the big winners on the fertility front. But don’t eat too much – excess weight can get in the way of successful IVF. Study participants with high BMI numbers (above 24.9) had more difficulty in achieving pregnancy.

All of these findings stress the need for healthy lifestyle and dietary choices for couples trying to conceive via IVF. We encourage both of you to get plenty of grains, reduce your intake of red meat, coffee and alcohol, quit smoking (please!), and watch your weight. The only round belly we want to see is the one that promises a new family member!

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