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Recovering from your Vasectomy

If you are considering a vasectomy, you will likely find more information than you can digest about the procedure itself and your initial recovery from the procedure. That information may not answer your more pressing questions, namely, when will you be able to resume sexual activity, and when will you be 100% sterile. Both of these questions are easily addressed.

First, you can resume your sexual activity as soon as you are comfortable enough for sex. Even with modern, scalpel-free vasectomy techniques, you may experience minor discomfort that distracts from your mood. Also, your abdominal muscle contractions when you ejaculate might cause some additional discomfort for a few days after your vasectomy procedure, so you might want not want to resume your sexual activity until any soreness has subsided (which, in most cases, will not be for more than a few days). You may notice some blood or discoloration in your ejaculate as you heal, but unless that blood or discoloration is excessive, you do not need to be concerned with this.

The second question, regarding your sterility, may be a more critical concern. Because your body stores active sperm, you may not be 100% sterile for up to eight weeks or more after the procedure. Your doctor will likely provide specimen containers and ask you to provide ejaculate samples at different intervals after your vasectomy. Those samples will be tested to verify that the procedure was effective. You should continue to use other birth control methods until your doctor has confirmed that the vasectomy was successful.

In all cases, you need to remember that a vasectomy will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. If you engage in risky conduct, your vasectomy will do nothing to prevent you from contracting HIV, herpes, and other venereal diseases.

If you have questions or concerns about a vasectomy procedure or your short- or long-term recovery from that procedure, please contact us for a consultation. Our professional staff will answer your questions in a confidential and cordial environment.

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