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Dr. Roberts Treats Incontinence in Men and Women

Dr. Robyn Roberts provides treatment for incontinence in men and women

If you experience incontinence, you are not alone. More than 25 million adults in America experience this problem. Many of these people mistakenly believe that incontinence in men and women is just something to live with. Dr. Robyn Roberts wants to debunk this myth by highlighting the different options for diagnosing and treating this common and frustrating problem.

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Meet Dr. Robyn Roberts

Meet Dr. Robyn Roberts, a new face at Urology Austin

Urology Austin is home to many talented doctors who are passionate about helping patients overcome problems ranging from kidney stones to an enlarged prostate. We are proud to announce that Dr. Robyn Roberts is the newest physician to join our practice.

While Dr.

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Urology Team

Leading the Way to ZERO Out Prostate Cancer

At Urology Austin, we support patients facing prostate cancer by providing them with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Our urology practice also works hard to raise money and awareness about this type of cancer. As part of this effort, we recently hosted the ZERO Out Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in Austin.

Of the 218 participants in this event,

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Prostate Cancer

Mona Lisa Benefits Female Cancer Patients

Mona Lisa Touch is a CO2 laser technology that helps with some of the common side effects women experience after conventional cancer treatments. This modality of vaginal rejuvenation is a great vaginal atrophy treatment option for women who have had breast cancer, or are continuing their fight, and cannot receive estrogen therapy.

Many survivors are surprised at the unfortunate,

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Dry Needling at Urology Austin

Do you suffer from pelvic pain? 

Dry Needling may help.  The Urology Austin Physical Therapy team is proud to announce we are now offering Dry Needling as a new physical therapy service.

What exactly is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a highly effective form of treatment, backed by scientific research, and has been used in the orthopedic physical therapy setting for decades treating a wide range of injuries and people,

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Physical Therapy Urology Austin

Motion is Lotion

So you are stuck at home and feeling a little cabin fever?  A great way to combat stress is to get your move on.  Gentle exercise from walking and stretching can help circulate your blood, release endorphins, and improve your mood.  Below are some helpful ideas to try:

Take A Walk

Try taking a 30 min walk two times a day.

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Physical Therapy Urology Austin

Bladder Irritants: Is food giving you a grumpy bladder?

Do you ever get the impression that certain foods and beverages make you feel like you have to urinate ALL THE TIME?  Maybe your morning coffee or a soda at the movie theater?  How about all those Valentine’s Day chocolates you just inhaled?  Don’t worry, you aren’t dreaming this up.  There are certain foods (the ones everybody loves) that aren’t loved by your bladder.

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Overactive bladder Physical Therapy Urology Austin

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