Urology Austin

Urology solutions can include utilizing specialized urology procedures and services.

urology servicesAt Urology Austin, our urologists are highly-skilled medical providers who function as both physicians and surgeons. After diagnosing urologic conditions, our providers are trained to offer expert urology services to their patients. Scientific research and technology continually changes how urologic conditions are managed. Our providers are committed to staying informed about developments, as well as implementing them at our practice. Some urology services are used for further diagnosis, such as specialized testing and imaging, while others are either in-office or surgical procedures. The complexity of urology services is based on the condition being examined or treated. A partial list of our procedures and services include:

  • Cystoscopy – A diagnostic tool to examine the bladder. During this procedure, the urologist will pass a cystoscope through the urethra into the bladder.
  • Renal ultrasound
  • Scrotal ultrasound
  • Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for overactive bladder
  • Lithotripsy – Used to break up larger kidney stones to aid their passage out of the body.
  • daVinci robotic surgery – A minimally invasive surgical option for several urologic conditions (see below).
  • daVinci prostatectomy – Removal of the prostate due to cancer.
  • daVinci robotic partial nephrectomy – Utilized for diseases of the kidney, including cancer.
  • daVinci cystectomy – Surgical  procedure for bladder cancer.
  • daVinci pyeloplasty – Utilized to open urinary obstructions.
  • Kidney transplant
  • Pelvic floor reconstructive surgery
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation / physical therapy
  • Penile implants – Implanted device for erectile dysfunction.
  • Rezum therapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (enlarged prostate)  – This minimally invasive procedure is generally performed in the office using super-heated steam to open up prostate tissue blocking the flow of urine.
  • Urolift therapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) – This minimally invasive procedure uses pins to pull prostate tissue back so that urine flow is unobstructed.
  • Urodynamic testing – This diagnostic tool measures how well the bladder and urethra are functioning to both store and release urine.
  • UroNav Fusion Biopsy System – A system in which MRI guided prostate biopsies are performed visually and in real-time.

In reality, the list of urology services is quite extensive and continues to evolve. Along with procedures and services, Urology Austin employs a full-time Anatomic Pathologist who oversees our on-site pathology lab, along with a full-time Radiation Oncologist who treats patients at The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology. We’re proud to offer patients comprehensive care from diagnosis, to testing, to treatment.

At Urology Austin, we’re committed to incorporating current, state-of-the-art procedures and services as best practice for the benefit of individuals across Central Texas. If you’re experiencing a urologic health condition and need to see a urologist, please schedule an appointment at a Urology Austin office nearest you.