Urology Austin

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I was terrified as anyone would be.

The doctor had talked to me about the da Vinci surgery and I was skeptical about it. I finally agree to it, had the surgery, and everything went well. After a few hours after the surgery I was up and walking. Dr. Peter Ruff did an excellent job.” -R. Pina

“Dr. Ruff preformed a de Vinci aided laparoscopic radical prostatectomy on me on 16-Oct-2013. Ruff was informative before and after surgery. Always tried to clarify findings in ways that were meaningful to the patient. He answered questions presented at meetings as well as responding to phone calls. Ruff told us what to expect during surgery, during immediate and longer term recovery. When questioned, based on our internet research, his responses are knowledgeable. His staff always responds to phone calls. They are pleasant and on time. A professional organization.” – Richard C

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