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Having an elevated PSA my Atlanta primary care provider and I decided that a biopsy should be done. The results of the biopsy revealed that I, indeed, did have prostate cancer (12 of 12 samples had varying amounts of cancer). Because I was in the process of moving to the Austin area I decided to wait and seek out an Urologist there. After an in-depth search I found Dr. Ruff. I also found a new primary care provider and advised him of my condition and asked him to give me a referral to Dr. Ruff. Upon doing so I met with Dr. Ruff. I advised him of my condition and gave him a copy of my Atlanta biopsy report. After his review of the biopsy and my overall health / age, Dr. Ruff explained, in-depth and in words I could understand, all the available options and the pros and cons of each. We both agreed that a prostatectomy using the precise and minimally invasive da Vinci robot was the best course of action. The surgery was scheduled for two weeks later and could not have gone any better. The surgery was conducted on a Wednesday morning and late that afternoon the nurse actually had me standing in my hospital room! The next day was even more amazing – I was walking the halls of the hospital floor and on Friday afternoon (two days later) I was on my way home – Unbelievable! Upon my discharge from the hospital Dr. Ruff gave me do’s and don’ts that one would expect and a follow-up appointment. Well, I went to my follow up appointment as instructed and met again with Dr. Ruff. After an exam he reviewed the pathology report with me and it was excellent. The cancer was confined to the prostate and the two lymph nodes that were additionally removed proved to be not cancerous. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ruff and his staff. Dr. Ruff is truly a gifted surgeon who possesses superior skills, knowledge and abilities that are second to none.

He saved my life and I am now a “Cancer Survivor”.

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