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Urologic Conditions

Our Austin Urology office specializes in urologic conditions that affect men and women

Urologic conditions can affect the urinary tract (which includes the bladder and kidneys), men’s reproductive organs or sexual function or women’s pelvic organs, i.e. pelvic organ prolapse. We treat all of these urologic conditions at our Austin urology office.

Urology Austin applies expert diagnostic techniques that allow us to properly identify our patient’s problem. After we take that important step, we employ up-to-date therapeutic and surgical techniques that will help restore the patient’s health and quality of life.

The experienced doctors at our Austin urology office employ minimally invasive surgery and robotic da Vinci surgery to help preserve and protect our patients’ urologic systems, as well as provide a faster and easier recovery than traditional surgery.

Urinary tract urologic conditions

The urologic conditions that affect the urinary tract (including kidneys and bladder) include kidney stones. Patients who come to our Austin urology office can expect compassionate care that may include non-surgical treatment or minimally invasive surgery to relieve pain.

One of the most common and life-altering conditions we see is incontinence, which can be caused by many different urologic conditions. Urology Austin doctors are experienced at diagnosing and treating this condition which often keeps people in their homes, preventing day-to-day activities such as exercise or going out.

We treat an exhaustive list of urinary tract conditions at our Austin urology office.

Bladder diverticulum

Urethral stones

Urinary tract infections

Frequent urination

Interstitial cystitis


Conditions that affect men

Our urologists also diagnose and treat urologic conditions that are unique to men. For example, male sexual dysfunction issues can cause men stress and embarrassment, but they find help for problems like erectile dysfunction, Low-T and premature ejaculation at our Austin urology office. We also help men with male infertility issues and prostate problems.

Pelvic organ prolapse in women

Urology Austin doctors treat women with pelvic organ prolapse. This is a condition where one of the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus, vagina) drops, or prolapses, because the muscles and connective tissue have weakened and are no longer able to properly support the pelvic organs. Our Urology Austin doctors provide women with expert care and compassion, from diagnosis to medical and surgical treatment.

Urologic cancer

We diagnose and treat all types of urologic cancer in our Austin urology office, including: bladder, kidney, prostate and testicular cancer. Urology Austin employs 21 of the region’s most respected and skilled urologists, including a radiation oncologist. We’re proud of the excellent care and support we provide our patients as they go through their cancer journey with us.

Our Austin urology office offers men and women in Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park premier medical care for all areas of male and female urology. Contact us for expert diagnosis and targeted treatment for your urologic condition.

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