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Vasectomy Reversal Gives Hope

Brad leaned back against the park bench a slight smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as he watched two boys showing off about which one could push the merry-go-round the fastest. He often stopped at the park after work to walk and enjoy the fresh air. Now that summer was here, the air was hotter and the park was busier. Still, Brad didn’t mind. Just then a football landed a few feet from the park bench he was sitting on.

“Oh, sorry, Sir,” a small boy about seven called out. Brad chuckled to himself. The boy reminded him a little bit of his son when he was that age. A wistful look crossed his face.

“That’s ok, Son,” he replied, as he picked up the ball and tossed it easily to him.

“Thanks, Mister. Good throw!” Brad caught himself grinning. He sure did miss having his boys home. Sure, they visited from time to time, but it just wasn’t the same as when they were little. He had to admit he wondered what it would be like to have another little one around the home again. He knew Lisa thought about it, too; they’d talked about it a few times. But what was the use of discussing it? Brad sighed and tried to shrug off the nagging desire. Neither Brad or Lisa were very old; they had married quite young and started a family right away. So, it wasn’t old age that caused Brad to sigh — it was the fact he had gotten a vasectomy after their third child. They both assumed three was the perfect number, but now. . .Now they felt much differently.

If you are like Brad and your feelings have changed about decisions you made in the past to have a vasectomy, there is a solution to this situation. Brad discovered he was eligible for a vasectomy reversal. The helpful staff at Urology Austin explained the procedure to him; (1) he would be given anesthesia so that he wouldn’t feel or remember anything, (2) the expert surgeon would reattach the disconnected tubes from the vasectomy, (3) the entire process would be done on an outpatient basis, and (4) he could go home in approximately 4-6 hours.

Brad took the step to have a little one around again, and so can you. At Urology Austin, we have many years of experience handling vasectomy reversals. Our dedicated team of medical staff is always available to discuss your options. If you would like to find out more information, please contact us today!

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