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  • Brett Baker, MD

    Great experience. Dr. Brett Baker has a great bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable. He gave me good advice about my kidney stone treatment and was very sympathetic to the pain I was in.

  • Brett Baker, MD

    I love this office and I love Dr. Baker and his professional manner!

  • Brett Baker, MD

    Dr Baker is friendly and professional. I really appreciate his excellent assistance.

  • Brett Baker, MD

    Met with Dr. Baker for an appointment for my father. He was super chill and great with breaking down the information and made the visit perfect.

  • Dr. Brett Baker

    Dr. Brett Baker is friendly and professional. I had to wait in the exam room a long time, but he is very good doctor, so it was worth it. Going to the urologist can be an embarrassing, awkward ordeal. Dr. Baker quickly put me at ease with his manner. He has just the right sense of humor for the situation without crossing the line. He is tactful and professional yet may have you laughing. When he arrived he quickly guided the conversation in a productive and helpful manner. Then, without knowing I was in for it I received a checkup and my first prostate exam. Dr. Baker carried on a polite conversation and it was over about as quickly and painlessly as you can expect that sort of thing to go. He was very helpful, and I left feeling that I had been given his full attention and positive, upbeat attitude. I recommend Dr. Baker to anyone seeking a urologist.

  • Dr. Brett Baker

    My review is strictly of Dr. Brett Baker and his nurse Terry. I suffer from a chronic inflammatory condition that causes horrific pain and discomfort. The condition is poorly understood by most medical professionals, therefore treatment options are limited. This disease is extremely frustrating, and definitely has an impact on my quality of life.

    I've been to a number of urologist over the years, however, none of them have ever been as kind as Dr. Baker. His nurse Terry is an absolute sweetheart as well. As a medical professional myself, I understand the importance of good bedside manner. Dr. Baker listens and offers a sympathetic feel that most physicians don't possess. He even tolerates me being difficult at times!

    The long waits can be frustrating, but I know that they are only because of the fact that Dr. Baker actually takes time to talk to his patients.

  • Dr. Brett Baker

    Dr. Brett Baker was wonderful, as usual

  • Brett Baker - Excellent doctor

    Brett W. Baker is an excellent doctor. I always get a thorough exam. He answers all my questions. He is open and honest with his patients.

  • Brett Baker, MD

    Great. Dr Baker is amazing. Dr. takes his time and explains everything and staff very friendly.

  • Brett Baker, MD

    I have been here twice in the past year. Always have been treated very well and all concerned in what is my problem. The staff is great and Dr. Baker is great too. He has always given me the why's and what to do and believe he is on top of his profession! Have confidence in him! Thank you all and Dr. Baker for always being able to zero on what what was going on with me and making sure I had no boomerangs.