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The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology

A cancer diagnosis can be frightening. It opens up an entirely new world of emotions, decisions to be made, and treatment options to be considered. For some individuals and their families, determining the best course of action may feel overwhelming. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology raises the bar on exemplary cancer care

The professionals at the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology (ACFRO) are a highly-regarded, dedicated team, who thoroughly understand the physical and emotional aspect of cancer diagnosis and treatment. When patients entrust their care to ACFRO, they’re choosing providers and technicians who are committed to administering the most up-to-date advancements, and knowledge, in the field of radiation therapy. Patients are also choosing to be part of a family, where they’re treated with dignity, privacy, and genuine friendship. From the very start, patients and their families, along with our providers and staff, go through each cancer treatment together.

We’re passionate about the eradication of prostate cancer, and have positioned ourselves amongst the leaders in the field of radiation therapy for prostate cancer. However, we also offer radiation therapy for all urologic cancers – including testicular, bladder, and kidney. At ACFRO, our mission goes beyond treatment. Our practice model emphasizes educating patients and their families about the cancer diagnosis, and how effective radiation therapy can be for their particular cancer. We also walk patients through a step-by-step flow of how their treatments will be administered – ensuring that they are familiar and comfortable with our process. We also know that patients appreciate interacting with our long-term and devoted providers and staff, because familiar faces helps cultivate trust.

The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology is a division of Urology Austin, an accomplished and well respected group of providers who have been serving the Austin area since 1962. We welcome you to learn more about ACFRO and the difference we’ve made for men and women across Central Texas.


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