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Men Face Higher “Cancer Burden” than Women

As reported by the Guardian, a UK study entitled “Excess Cancer Burden in Men” has brought a sobering finding to light — namely, that men are 35 percent more likely than women to die of cancer. But that’s not the whole of it — the study also found that the difference leaps to 67 percent where reproductive cancers are concerned.

Why should males and females face such different risks? Lifestyle factors appear to weigh heavily. Men are supposedly more likely to consume alcohol, carry excess pounds and (at least in years gone by) indulge in smoking, all known risk factors for cancer in general. But while these factors obviously account for a higher incidence of liver and esophageal cancer deaths in men as opposed to women, why should there be such a gap between male and female reproductive cancer deaths?

The answer may lie in the frequency and thoroughness of screenings. Women are more aware of the need for self-checking for breast lumps and regular gynecological and mammalian screenings today than they once were, and early detection does indeed save many lives. But prostate and testicular cancer often go undetected until they are in a later stage of growth, in part because men do not have themselves checked regularly. The UK study noted that 24 percent of men suffering from prostate cancer only had their condition diagnosed after three GP visits, whereas only 8 percent of breast cancer patients had their condition sneak through their first two visits. Would an evaluation by a specialist prove more effective at isolating early-stage prostate cancer? Our team at Urology Austin certainly thinks so!

What can you men do to keep yourselves cancer free? Scheduling your next prostate cancer and/or testicular cancer screening would be a great start. Here’s to your continuing health!

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