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Understanding a Semen Analysis

If you and your partner are struggling to conceive, you will likely need a male fertility evaluation to determine if there are any underlying issues. Most men will only have to submit a sample for a semen analysis, a test designed to identify male factor infertility. This test will help assess the quality and quantity of sperm present.

A semen analysis will evaluate the size, shape, and appearance of the sperm, including:

 Sperm count

Typically, this part of the testing looks at total density or count (normal = 20 million per ml or above), and the motile density (normal = 8 million per ml or higher).

 Sperm morphology

To make a determination about whether the sperm are normal, we will carefully observe a stained sperm sample under the microscope. A normal sperm will have an oval head shape, an intact mid section, and an uncoiled, single tail.

Sperm motility

Motility measures how many sperm are likely to move from the deposit area to the fertilization site.

Liquefaction and Viscosity

Sperm are usually produced in a clump. With a normal sample, the sperm will typically liquefy within 30 minutes to an hour.


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