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Urology Austin Supports April’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Explained
Testicular cancer is a cancer of the testicles, common among males ages 15-35. It usually presents itself as a painless mass/nodule or minor swelling in the testicle. Should this occur, one should seek a medical evaluation by Urology Austin’s many specialists immediately. This goes to show that self-examination is one of the most powerful tools against early-detection of testicular cancer. Unfortunately, rates of occurrence of testicular cancer have increased over time, but since this cancer is highly treatable and curable if detected and treated early on, seeking a urological evaluation is crucial if one notices any changes/issues in one or both of the testes.

A Basic Guide to Urology Austin‘s Treatment Options
At Urology Austin, our highly-trained doctors have a variety of treatment options depending on the cancer type ranging from: blood work, a scrotal ultrasound, surgical removal of the mass (if a tumor is found). In addition, an abdomen/pelvis CT scan accompanied by a chest x-ray can be performed upon diagnosis, which guides treatment options and determines if the cancer has spread elsewhere in the body.

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