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Latest Treatment Options for Stress Incontinence

Pelvic floor physical therapy can make a big improvement for those suffering with stress incontinence.


Urology Austin diagnoses, treats and assists in the prevention of urological disorders that threaten your health and interfere with your quality of life.

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    Male Urology

    Our experienced physicians diagnose and treat conditions unique to men, including urological disorders that impact male sexual health such as erectile dysfunction, previous (SP) vasectomy and male infertility.

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    Female Urology

    Our experienced physicians diagnose and treat conditions unique to women. While men and women share urological problems such as kidney stones, female urology specializes in incontinence and female sexual health.

For life-threatening urologic problems such as bladder cancer, renal cancer, testicular cancer or prostate cancer, Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock turns to Urology Austin and our urologic oncologists for compassionate and progressive care.

With 20 highly-trained physicians and 16 clinics in the Austin and Round Rock area, Urology Austin brings unparalleled experience and depth of urological services to Central Texans. Contact us now for the very latest in care and treatment. Urology Austin is recognized for excellence in providing the latest advances in medical, non-medical, and surgical treatments of Male and Female Urology.


Urinary Difficulties

We know how embarrassing urine leakage problems can be. Ask Urology Austin for answers.

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Find out more about the Urology Austin Minimally Invasive Vasectomy Procedure, in office options without the discomfort.

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On site Treatments

Convenient in-house CT imaging, pathology, PT and radiation oncology

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Prostate Health

Ask Urology Austin about the benefits of prostate cancer screening tests.

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