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  • I was so impressed with Dr. David Cuellar

    "I was so impressed with Dr. David Cuellar - I was referred to him when I went to the ER just before New Year's & was diagnosed with an 18mm kidney stone - high up enough that they didn't need to admit me, but still an urgent case to deal with as soon as the holiday had past. He was kind, informative, fit me in last-minute for this emergency procedure this morning (and for a consultation appt. on his lunch hour yesterday), thinks I have an 80-90% chance of preventing future kidney stones & all of his nurses/staff love him. A huge difference from my previous urologist, Dr. Subhir Chhikara, who looked annoyed at having to spend 2 minutes total out of 4 appointments with me, passing me off to his PAs & LVNs, none of whom who offered up info that I didn't ask for, gave me no real info/hope for preventative measures & yet gave me brochures for every expensive "elective" treatment option they offer. Oh, and I got the definitive impression that he prefers to hire young, very attractive females.

    Thanks to all the healthcare professionals out there who care enough to get it right."
    Kathleen T. 1/3/2014

  • Great doctor. He truly cares.

    Great doctor. He truly cares. Very good at what he does. He performed DaVici surgery to remove my cancerous prostate. The scary thing about prostatectomies is that you might not have urinary control and ability to function sexually. Dr. Cuellar's expertise got the job done with none of the scary side effects. He has taken much interest in follow up after surgery for two years. He is the best!"

  • Excellent doctor.

    "Excellent doctor. I had prostatectomy over a year ago, using da Vinci robot. Both doctor and Hospital provided excellent care from start to finish. Excellent results, quick healing, and good follow up. I would highly recommend to anyone needing this treatment for prostate cancer"

  • David C Cuellar, MD

    What a great experience at a very scary time in our life. Being only 56, getting a diagnosis of prostate cancer was a shock. Dr. Cuellar was more than thorough. Both Dr. Cuellar and Dr. Maloney in this urology group take time to sit down and discuss what is going on, and what needs to be done. The office staff are wonderful and available. I would highly recommend Dr. Cuellar and Dr. Maloney.

  • Dr. David Cuellar

    Dr. Cuellar is really a class act and model doctor, both in his examining room manner and his expertise. He brings real humanity into what could easily be a stressful, alienating environment. He has a great way of communicating risk without alarming. His assistant, who took my blood, is absolutely amazing. Smoothest blood draw I have ever had. I sat and watched her stick a blood-draw needle into my arm and I STILL couldn't feel it, even though I was looking right at it. Kudos for knowing how to do a painless blood draw. :) - David F., Yelp! 9/16/15

  • Dr. David Cuellar

    Dr Cuellar is absolutely amazing, as well as his staff. Made me completely comfortable in what would usually be a stressful time. From minute one, they've completely taken care of me, and have given me all the confidence that there will be nothing but success. He's a Rockstar. Everyone at UA is. -Tommy T. 10/7/15